Hana Yori Dango

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Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers) is an awesome J-drama. This is by far the highest budget TV-series I’ve seen from Japan yet, as it’s not rare to see cars, houses, clothes and jewelry that will make your mouth water.

Makino Tsukushi is a student at Eitoku Gakuen - an exclusive school attended by rich families’ children. Being poor, she is always bullied and sabotaged by her schoolmates. But as if it wasn’t hard enough on her already one day F4 (Flower Four - the four richest guys, who totally control the school including the teachers) gives her “The Red Notice”, which is handed out to anyone who gets in their way. When she helped a fellow classmate, that’s exactly what she did. Got in their way… so she declares war.
Later on she falls in love with Rui, a member of F4, who has helped her previously. Things get even more complicated when Domyoji Tsukasa, the leader of the F4, a person who Tsukushi hates, also falls in love with her.

Home of Domyoji Tsukasa, leader of F4.

Odd thing is that I was thinking that the background music sounded a lot like the theme from Harry Potter just a moment before this screen.

So far it’s been really great. I can’t really find any negative things, other than it’s only 9 episodes compared to the usual 11, and I’m already on episode 6. Oh yeah, and the cast is fantastic. It just works!

Download Hana Yori Dango Episodes

Download Hana Yori Dango Complete Ost

Credit: ika1804 @ soompi

Arashi - Wish (Megaupload)

Ai Otsuka - Planetarium (Megaupload)

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i think you should get the song planetarium


I have that song and I really like it:-) Very sad though.. updated the post with the PV..



Do u have this song, “wish” by Arashi?? If yes, could you send me a link or send to me in my e-mail??



Hey Silvia, I’ve send you an e-mail. :-)


Hey Dennis!! Thanks a lot… The song is really beautiful!! :-D

claudette seiko:

hey, do you know any site that i can download all episodes of hana yori dango? if yes, can you please be very very very kind to email me and tell me the website? crazy_28_complicated@yahoo.com…

thankz alot! i would really appreciate it…

mariz oguri:

hi! Your site is great. Arigatou Gozaimazu!!


Hi all,

May i know where can I find the mp3 wish by arashi?


@ LGSC: I’ve send you Arashi - Wish to your e-mail.. let me know if there’s any problems.


Thanks a lot!


Do you have a download link to Wish and Planetarium?


Wish: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NSAAV5WH

Planetarium: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L46XQTYN

There you go ;-)


Hye..do you have wish pv? and can you please send the Planetarium
song to me?

thanks a bunch!!!!\(^0^)/

p/s:Please don’t use megaupload.. coz i hv problem each time i want to use it.


Hey yuri-chan, I’ll try and upload both the Wish PV and the Planetarium song for you on rapidshare. I have some problems with some of the upload sites out there, but I’ll give it a try. ;-)


Here are the files:

Wish PV: http://rapidshare.de/files/8581547/_PV__Arashi_-_WISH.mpg.html (DEAD)

Planetarium song: http://rapidshare.de/files/25838952/PLANETARIUM.mp3.html (DEAD)


HANA YORI DANGO is the best…!


gracias por haser esta pelicula

potfavor no dejen de hacerla

ps es muy linda….




Hihi, this is a great site! I am looking for the song by Planetarium. Can you tell me where I can download the mp3 for free or send me the mp3? Thanks! ;o)


Thanks a lot for letting me know you like the site Aileen. :-)

And sure, I’ve uploaded the song here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L46XQTYN

Let me know if you have any problems in downloading the song..


great website. eh.. any1 can tell me of a site to dl arashi-wish
cos i dunno why rapidshare does not let me dl it


Hey Falrim and I’m glad you like the site. :-)

This link should work: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NSAAV5WH

If you need help, then just ask..

mariz oguri:

I just want to ask where could i download mp3s of ARASHI especially WISH. THank You!!!!!!!!!!!

mariz oguri:



just i wanna web foe this movie hana yuri dango

pleeeeeeeeeeeaase !!!


bueno stuvo brabasa la canción y aparte la pelicula q puedo pedir…jejejeje…bye!!


Does someone know where to dwnload the episodes with eng subs? ^____^


Hey Erik.. you can download all the episodes via bittorrent here: http://sars-fansubs.com/index.php?cont=btpage


…Just finished watching the eps, its a great Jdrama, I was absolutely loving it, funny thing is that I had nooo idea that it was an adaptation of a famous Jmanga series!! I’ve never had the pleasure of viewing the anime version, but will make the effort after watching the drama series!

Great website!
p.s. for those who can’t wait for the series to d/l via torrents you can catch the series on YouTube for free! still great viewing pleasure!


peace out :)


You can download the entire Hana Yori Dango episodes Ost here:



could someone please tell me where to go to download this series..would really really appreciate it…:)
please email me at cow_moo1000@hotmail.com


You can download Hana Yori Dango over here: http://sars-fansubs.com/index.php?cont=btpage


Hollyyyyy. man i loved every bit of it. hana yori dango was GREAT !!!


hi! i’m french
i like very much hana yori dango so i like this site

hana yori dango was great !!

ps : sorry i don’t speack very well english


do you know where i can get an mp3 to arashi’s wish? please,please,please? i really, really, love the song. ^_^


You can download Wish here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NSAAV5WH

baby fun:

hey i wold love 2 join u


hey dennis. many thanks! ^_^ if there’s something you need, mail me!


hi.. can u upload “wish” at sendspace.com.. cox i dunno why i cant load frm mega… thanks


practically everything on hana yori dango @

series and ost =D

Viven Mae:

I love watching d taiwanese version but i reallllllllllyyyyyyyy appreciate d japanese 1 I love matsujun


Can you send me wish also?


@ Snoe

Check your e-mail..


hye,um can u guys help me. i’ve been trying to find hana yori dango sad song. I dont know what is the name of taht song and the artist, but i really like that song. PLLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASE help me.


found your site through google =) awesome site!

just finished hana yori dango…GAHHH it was soo goood ^ ^

keep up the good work!



Would you help me to send the mp3 of Planetarium? I really love this song :)

Thank you :)


Rusmi, I’ve send you an e-mail. ;-)


can you pls send me da ost of hyd?
megaupload doesnt seem to be cooperating with my computer!
my ad is sakura_cardcaptor@myway.com


Hey Dennis,

Can you send me “wish” and also “planetarium” too??
I really really like both, but i can’t download it anywhere. Thank you very much!


@ nagisa

Send you an e-mail.


hey dennis, thanks a lot!
But still i can’t download it in megaupload.
Can you help me with that problem?


U guys really great , i have been searching for the OST for this movie the whole day but couldn’t find . thx everyone …i really appreciate your work


hey dennis , sorry to bother you as well. Lol but mega uploads is not working with comp as well. Can you send me “wish” in mp3 format ?



nevermind got it working ..


Glad to hear that, because I was wondering if it would work for if I uploaded to another uploading service or it would cause problems just like with megaupload. Good you got it working..


Does ANYONE have the sheet music for OTSUKA AI - planetarium? its SOO nice and id REALLY appreciate it if someone can send it to me at




oui!!konneechiwaa..tnx 4 d mp3s you know ive bin searching 4 them 4 a long tym..until now!!tnx to you :)..well my hdy fever hasnt taken over yet..the series was really great and ive managed to buy a copy!!the bgms are so cute..you know giving you a diffrent atmosphere..xmas feeling?kinda..and ive watched it several tyms now..but seriously i admit there’re some dragging parts..but to me its far more better than its taiwanese counterpart!!


ei!!sorry i 4got to tell you..do you have the full soundtrack of hyd?is it ok if you send it to my email sa that i can have a copy?please..i think ure the only one who can solve my problem..
domo arigato!!:)


oops..i 4got to say!!..ure site’s doing great..juz love it..4 being a tribute to hdy!!mr dude..you rock!!


Check your email. ;-)

EDIT: Oh and thanks for the sweet comment! I really appreciate it..


Episode 1


yo!!..tnx a lot!!”oww reeellyyy?!?”


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


is it possible for you to send me wish by arashi and the song by Planetarium? i cant seem to download it from mega…thanks so much!


Wish: http://rapidshare.com/files/5041302/01._WISH.mp3.html

Planetarium: http://rapidshare.com/files/5055828/PLANETARIUM.mp3.html


i’m sure others have asked for this but i was wondering if anyone had the sheet music for planetarium? thanks! Emdethuong63@yahoo.com please!


hello everyone…

were new here..

we really like the Hana Yori Dango
hope you can send us the hana yori dango all the episodes but not torrent. we really really like to watch it

hope you guys can help me


thank you very much!!


the email add is dee_khey18@yahoo.com

thank you

take care


^ ^ four thumbs up for thiz j-dorama…


hello… i totally love Hana Yori Dango… sorri but could you send me the song planetarium… megaupload des not seem to b working… thanx!!!


Hi.. this website is so cool!… I am a fan of Hana Yori Dango…and I’ve been wanting a copy of the movie for such a long time, until I stumble into this site… Great work guys… thanks for creating this site :-)


@ Jaylyn

Here you go: http://rapidshare.com/files/7878362/PLANETARIUM.mp3.html

@ Bree

Thanks a lot. :-)


Oh my goodness Hana Yori Dango is the awesomest! I’ve seen so many versions, wow!! Never seizes to amaze me!


hiies… i really like the show hana yori dango ost..
but i cant open the file no matter wat…
could u pls send me the whole show…
I really love this show… pls… thxx!


could somebody send me PLANETARIUM SHEET MUSIC please? i’d really really appreciate^^” nicha89@hotmail.com thank u!!


Hi Dennis,

Can you send me “wish” and also “planetarium” song for me??I really like that movie very much?can u send to my e-mail?aligato gozaimas….


my e-mail waterboy_132@hotmail.com
thanks ya….hope can get your reply…


OMG if someone could also send me the sheet music for planetarium…that would be AWESOME! …Onegaishimasu~~*



can you send me wish mp3??i like this song very much…
thanks before


HI there!

Can you kindly send me “wish” and also “planetarium” ??
My email account is angelife_min@yahoo.com. Really appreciate your help. Thanks.


The following links work for me:

Wish: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NSAAV5WH

Planetarium: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L46XQTYN


can u pls send me e songs wish n planetarium to xu_jh11@hotmail.com? cos im having problems wif megaupload n rapidshare. thx alot n dis is a realli great website here…


thanx for this post and all the links ^__^
(i downloaded everything just fine ^^)


Hey, just checking out your site, I was wondering if there was any way you could get a link for Hana Yori Dango 2, to download, that would be great. Thanks!


I found sheet music for Planetarium (transcription, not official sheets) at http://sheetmusic.silk.com/ under “Asian”.


Hi ! I really love this drame !! I’d like to know the name of the song we can heard when ,for exemple , Makino does the description of the F4 in the first episode !



hello. would anyone send me the song Planetarium? mega upload doesn’t work with me either. (: thanks alot!! (: capturedd@gmail.com


this serie is so beutifull,make me crig and a never forger and forever remenber.


i whant to be ho makino
yo soy de chile y he visto esta serie toma gringos

_ _ShadowKira_ _:

For those who wish to obtain Planetarium Piano Sheet music, I’ve just posted up a file on anime Scores. You can access it by going to this site: http://animescores.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=220077#220077

scroll down till u see “_ _ShadowKira_ _” (that’s me) and then you can download the file. Dont worry, it’s safe!!! ^_^


pls. where can i down load OST of hana yori dango…more in intrumental tunes

arigato…..ganbatte ne


Do you guys know where I can watch Hana Yori Dango Season 2? I only got to Episode 5 of Season 2..are the rest out yet? =]


Hey can u do me a BIG favour and send me the song Wish by Arashi thru my mail…icant seem to get the song from megaupload too…Thanks a million…



You’ve got a great blog, I love the screenshots you’ve made of HYD.
Good luck.


This is a great blog. Thanks for the soundtrack as well as the songs Wish and Planetarium. Hana Yori Dango is my one of my favorite shows ever.


[quote comment=”41462″]You’ve got a great blog, I love the screenshots you’ve made of HYD.
Good luck.[/quote]

I’m glad, it took quite a while. :P

[quote comment=”41931″]This is a great blog. Thanks for the soundtrack as well as the songs Wish and Planetarium. Hana Yori Dango is my one of my favorite shows ever.[/quote]

No problem, dude - it really is one of the better shows out there!


Hey Dennis!
Wow, just read the other comments and I must say…you’re one of the most helpful guys on the internet, as far as I’ve ever seen. :|
This being said, perhaps you could give me a hand?
I’m trying to download the hana yori dango episodes from that sars website, but bittorent wont go any further than 1.4%. :(
If there’s any way you could send me the episodes over email, or upload it to another site (I think photobucket takes videos?) I would appreciate it beyond belief!
Thanks for your time! And sorry if this request is too much.


I forgot to mention, I don’t need epsidoes 1 or 2.


hay can u send me the sngs Planeterium & Wish?thks a billion.my email add is jeanie_luvwestlife@hotmail.com…btw i tink so far ur blog has the most stuff abt Hana Yori Dango!*applause*lol =)


oops i added in the btw part..hehe. jeanie_luvwestlife@hotmail.com


oyes i 4got…sorry…do u also hav the sng Flavour of life by Utada Hikaru?if u hav can u send it 2 my email as well?thks again…=D



Thanks for the kind words, I TRULY appreciate it! But the files are quite large (about 700MB each) so that would take forever, so I won’t be able to do that, sorry. I just tried myself from SARS and there were lots of people to download from, so that seems odd. :S


Send you an email, hope it works for you.


Alright, thanks anyways!
I guess I’ll just have to keep trying.
Wish me luck! Muaha! =D




i m looking foe a song ARIGATO………….


Where can I find the opening video? Not the PV, but the drama’s opening?

Ben Ronaldo:

I wanna download the whole Hana Yori Dango 2. Can someone tell me the website?? Send me e-mail at blacktrouzer@yahoo.com..

Please.. (Fingers cross)
Thx :)


i want to dowload hana yori dango movies, but i dont know how..


my e-mail is lchecuh@yahoo.com
please people sent me a website were i can download it..


did anyone know email adress of shun oguri????
please let me know….

at dee_ogu_chan@yahoo.co.id

Oguri Shun:

Oguri Shun here, to download our Second season of HYD 2 we have good fansubbers at SARS fansubs, at : http://www.sars-fansubs.com/index.php and click on downloads at the near top and look for Hana Yori Dango 2 in the current projects. All our episodes are out from 1-10/11 our last episode is still airing in Japan so please look out for when its out in one more week or so for our last episode!! Also some episodes could be streamed so you could watch it right away, but it depends on your internet connection speed if you could watch it, or else download it which need to require a BitTorrent account, but it takes a while so please be patient. Thanks for supporting Hana Yori Dango and thanks to all of my fans!! ^_^

Oguri Shun:

Note on an update, I am sorry for English people who want free fan subs the last episode of HYD 2 FINALE is here!! Download the last episode from http://www.sars-fansubs.com/index.php I hope you enjoy!


how ’bout the email adress???

Oguri Shun:

You would like to know? though I don’t translate everything I say to English, I mostly use Japanese. Also I hope everyone enjoyed our last episode and visit our orginal Hana Yori Dango website. *Note: It is in Japanese. http://www.tbs.co.jp/hanadan2/ My e-mail address? I have lots but too many fans that I may not be able to reply to, and this is one website someone recommend to me. Though it may be another while till I reply.


hey i just wanted to say that if anyone wants the sheet music for planetarium, i have it i can send it to you if you want it….my email is bleachster@gmail.com and if you want it, then just email me and i’ll send it you you……………wow and i just finished the hyd 2 a while ago and i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cant u tell me what the address is???
im learning japanese a little..



all of japan


http://groups.msn.com/mangamaniajapones/fruitsbasket.msnw?albumlist=2 photos of hana yori dango live….
spanishh web


I very Luv with pLanetarium song…
That great song!!
But, i haven’t that song.
Let me know how download song program MP3 or WMA…?
Pliz….So thanx
Send me to my e-maiL….


anyone here can u send me a copy of the song “WISH” and blue from HYD!!!
onegaishimasu!!!!! kudasai kudasai!!!


kudasai kudasai…!!!
i nid an mp3 of “WISH” and “BLUEMOON” from HYD


can someone reupload e hana yori dango ost again
cos i cannot d/l frm megaupload
can someone upload from yousendit?? or send to my email
my email is momoiro_nao@hotmail.com



Could someone please send me the song sheet of Planetarium?
I really love that song! Thank you so much!



ey…nice story like that of F4 with Jerry, Vic, Ken, Vannes and Barbie…well..nice try..


hi everyone! i LOVE hana yori dango 1 and I’m wondering if anyone knows the name of an interlude that plays during all the love parts? It’s slow, contemplative and very lovely. there are no words. it plays when makino is thinking by herself or something. sorry for my crap description, but does anyone know where to get it???


plz update youtube no one has the episdoes and the crunchyroll site wont let me finish watching the episodes


do know what movie are played by matsujun???


this is a great blog. and really helpful too! keep up the good work! (^,^)


i can’t believe oguri shun is taking the time to post comments, with his busy schedule and all! ;) great acting by the way… ;) haha. :)


yeah..im agree w/ u…
juz for fun for my self…


[quote comment=”65674″]this is a great blog. and really helpful too! keep up the good work! (^,^)[/quote]

Thank you so much, I appreciate it. It’s comments like that that makes it all worth it!

Irises and Marifa Valladolid:

Hello….I really love the drama, but I would like to know where I can find the lyrics of the soundtrack, the episodes guide and the mp3 so that I can download it….or better yet kindly send it to me please…..thank you so much

Irises and Marifa Valladolid:

Hello….I’d really love the drama,I really would like to know where I can find the lyrics of the songs, the episode guide and the mp3 soundtrack..or better yet kindly sent it to me please….thank you……mylady_irish@yahoo.com


is this thread a place for hana yori dango 2 too??wahahah..im currently watching it and i can say that its better than the first one..i thought that i wud get disappointed but i was wrong,,!!the theme songs were great also,,i like them very much,,^___^

crazy baby:

hiiiiiiiii how r u there!!!!!
plz plz send me the mp3 song of arshi- wish i love it so much plz send it to me plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz

crazy baby:

plz send me the both songs but i need it mp3 plz thanks alot


i Love hana yori dango!!!!!!


can someone please send me the piano score of planetarium ?
my email is jkyn89@hotmail.com



dennis, though i dont know you, but can see that you are oen great helpful soul.

could you do my a favour and send me the songs of WISH and PLANETARIUM to me. thanx a billion (:

sry for any trouble. thanx thanx!!



Here you go. :-)




hi dennis,

This site is great and you seem to be a helpful person. Bless you!
So can you help me out too? I’ve seen the hyd episodes but i really wanna see the movie they made before that. Can you tell me where i can download it?
Thanks and keep up the good work….


Hello dennis (:
Can you send me the song thru email too?
I’d appreciate it.:D


hi! i searched for Planetarium piano score sheet in google, and this site popped up. I must say I’m really impressed! Can you believe that Hana Yori Dango is being aired in the Philippines just now?? Haha.we’re so outdated! Anyway, both my sis and i are so ecstatic and excited about every episode! Also, thank you dennis for posting screenshots of various scenes! haha! that made me so happy! (although i tried not to peek into the ending…XD) Though I’ve watched Taiwan version before this, I must say I still get that excitement and longing feeling..haha! JUN MATSUMOTO IS LOVE!!! XD

uhm..by the way, if you happen to know or have the score sheets I’m looking for, please do email it to me @ legna_nyx@yahoo.com

arigatou~ XD


site is great.. thanks for uploading the songs and the pics..xD atlast.. u also have it @ rapidshare.. thank you


i just want to ask what episode in the jdorama wherein tsukushi is being attacked by her schoolmates like she is being pulled by a car and then tsukasa came to the rescue???


HANA YORI DANGO is THE BEST!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! it is so NICE!!! even the cast are good.. I Just hate SAKURAKO



i think that scene never happened in the live-action..sad to say.. >.


if megaupload doesn’t work for you, i guess you should try downloading the megaupload toolbar first. after i did that, i could access the files just fine. plus, tsukushi being dragged by a car… uhm, never happened in hana yori dango. that scene would be in meteor garden. :)


can anyone tell me the theme song of hana yori dango? its realy nice



hi everybody! can please someone send me a video of “wish” and “planetarium” ever since i heard these songs i got addicted to it.
even if im way to tired from work, i try to find time searching it in the net but unfortunately i am so damn UNLUCkY…
Pleaaseee…. send me a video………

here: wendyyusi@yahoo.com.ph



it is very cute movie .. . .i love domyouji-kun. . regards from philippines


can i ask a favor? to all fans of of hana yori dango! please tell me more about DOMYOUJI-KUN. . .after watching the movie i feel in love w/ him. . .

please email : rowena_aries36@yahoo.com.ph

Ann ^_^:

Was it really Oguri Shun who posted the comments in March? For real? It wouldn’t be nice to joke around like that.. Anyway, I think Hana Yori Dango’s great. Better than Taiwan’s “Meteor Garden” (which supposedly copied HYD..) Cool sound track too.. I like Hanazawa Rui’s character.. Very serene personality.. ^_^


i watched the HYD 1&2 for the 2nd time around nd i don’t get tired of watching it. it was a great tv series…

i also able to watch Meteor Garden,
i can’t help but compare the 2…
and base on the story line and sequence ——
HYD is more suprisingly exciting and full of thrill!!!

c”,) more power to the staff, i really like this blog c”,)


unspoken promises:

yo! you have a nice site here! i really love hana yori dango, *sigh* just watched it last month, hehe! anyway, just wanna ask if you know any sites where i can download flavor of life by utada hikaru? i mean a piano sheet, im really desperate… *sigh* i think im addicted to it, haha LOL! anyway, just drop me a msg if you happen to have found one, here’s my ad. red_blush_143@yahoo.com

thank you very much! more power to you and to this site, ne?! ^____^


Great stuff you have here! Keep up!

I am soooo addicted to HYD and the MatsuJun fever.
Do you happen to have anything interesting ’bout him?

If you do, I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me.



hei guys i was able to find the season 2 ost,,and this wud be a great help too for dennis,,jus go to this link http://khmersos.khmerblog.com/2007/04/21/hana-yori-dango-2-ost to hana yori dango 2 returnsssssssssss!!!!!! hei dennis r u also watching nodame cantabile?i was just wondering if u cud create a thread for this jdorama,,and for hyd 2 returns,,

Admin note: Fixed the link. And thanks!


Volts: Wow! thanks for the link! Great help!

I just watched a list of Jun-kun’s dramas and movies because I did love him in HYD

BTW, Where can I find the OST for HYD1 Live action?


ども ありがと


[quote comment=”71453″]BTW, Where can I find the OST for HYD1 Live action?[/quote]

You can get it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RZIBEIN6


[quote comment=”71437″]i was just wondering if u cud create a thread for this jdorama,,and for hyd 2 returns[/quote]

I’ve set up a forum for Orange Days everybody! Go check it out and please register to post and let’s get a community going. :-)

Go here: http://forum.orgday.org/


hey dennis! great stuff you have here. ^_^ very helpful for hyd fans!


Moshi moshi,
Do you have this songs, Wish by Arashi and Planetarium, the insert song in hana yori dango? I wish if you could send them in my e-mail.
asap! please!
I’m counting on you!
Arigatou Gozaimasu.



Moshi moshi,
Guys, please help me! I am also a fan of HYD, ilove the theme songs of HYD1. please can anybody send me these songs in my e-mail (dannielle_u13@yahoo.com), I am counting on you guys.

Arigatou Gozaimas!

I need them As Soon As Possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


someone please send ‘wish’ and ‘planetarium’ to my email? esthlau@yahoo.co.nz
i would really appreciate it :-)

if you have the sheet music i would want it too :-) i beg of you, and thank you ^^


Hey there, you can grab the songs in the forums, in this thread in the comments: http://forum.orgday.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=2&page=1#Item_11


Just want to say..

i love “wish” very much! (o^_^o)


hai everybody
i’d like to ask for a favor…
would anyone of you send me a songs called “planetarium, ” we can make it” from arashi..
i really appreciate it…
thank you…
please send to my E-Mail..dee_ogu_chan@yahoo.co.id


hello ^_^
Could you pls send me the full soundtrack of HYD… plssssssss!!!! thanks!


my email add is miyaka_joy@yahoo.com. hope you can send me the ost of HYD. thank you very much!!!


could you pls send me the full OST of HYD? plsssss!!!! my email add is miyaka_joy@yahoo.com. thank you very much ^_^


hi dennis, could you please send of the file of flavour of life? my email is lizz.x3@gmail.com


do you know the title or do you have an mp3 of the music that sounded like harry potter???


Hey.. Would you mind sending me the wish by email?? And do you have love so sweet by Arashi?? If you have, can send me?? tks.. aen92@hotmail.com


Hey.. I can finally use the megaupload thing so don’t need to send me by email.. Do you know the download link for Hana Yori Dango season 2?? Btw.. Your site is the best!!! =D

Beckii ^_-:

Ahh!!! Hana Yori Dango!!! I love this manga series but i have not yet seen the T.V. Drama… I really want to… haha Its only, iono, 15 thousand something yen… >.


Hi Dennis
aregato for this amazing work
but Iwanna ask you afavor
can you upload the insert song in season 2 (Aregato) from the same site u used in the song of season one at the top of your report
and the theme song for season 2 also
because Idont know how to use torrent
Iwill leave my E-mail if necessary


hi Dennis
the insert song in season 2 is(flavor of life)


Would someone PLEASE upload the music sheet to Planetarium from Otsuka Ai?

All the links that the people gave here are DEAD. I’ve also been looking 2 hours on google without luck. There’s this guy on youtube who performs it but is too mean to tell us.

This would make my day, reguardless of what happens. >


Hello all!!
TQVM 4those who create this page!
Can smbody here send me song ‘flavor of life’ n Ai otsuka english lyrics?
Really appreciate it!!
my email add takzim07@yahoo.com


Dennis, thanks you so much for your links and infors
I do love HYD , and through your sites i have known much about HYD
You are so helpful
Have a nice day to you


hello! can u send me planeterium, wish, love so sweet and flavour of life via email? im so sorry to trouble u!PLS PLS send me! i’ll thank you so so much if u do


hello! can u send me planeterium, wish, love so sweet and flavour of life via email? im so sorry to trouble u!PLS PLS send me! i’ll thank you so so much if u do


i have problems with megaupload that’s why. sorry for flooding. dukybuky@hotmail.com


hello… ^___^ um do u know where i can download season 2 of hana yori dango? tnxx

Diane Bondoy:

the hana yori dango is very beautiful and i love very much your show maybe your part2 of your show will present in channel7 GMA kapuso because i really love your show. pls……….pls…………




Hello.. sorry to trouble you but can you please send me love so sweet and flavour of life via email? I can’t find those songs… arigatou.


Does anyone know where i can get the acoustic version of planetarium found playing in some of the episodes? I’ve been looking everywhere!!!!


hi! great job on this site.. could some one please send me the following songs: planetarium, flavour of life and love so sweet? (all in hana yori dango XD)

thanks in advance..



thx to all for posting up hyd related goodies!! ^^ …i’ve been having trouble finding Utada’s “Flavour of Life” instrumental version. can anyone let me know if an instrumental version exists at all? if it does, please send to my email: chibineko22@gmail.com

thx again!! ^^


.’jUn matsuMoTo & inoUe mAo iS a vEry cUtE cOuPLe !! I LuV ThEm..!


hi dennis!

great job on this site.. could some one please send me the following songs: planetarium, flavour of life and love so sweet? i love dem so much! :)




owh. it’s a great job.. i love you all.. u”re so sweet..


hi! i think, Hana Yori Dango is one of the best show i’ve ever seen in my whole life. Just can’t stop watching it. I love all the cast especially Oguri Shun. HE’S SO HOT!!!!! I have him as my wallpaper in my computer and cellphone. LOVE THE SHOW.

aya' kurimaki intanakazawa:

hai, aku suka ama hana yori dango. aku palin suka ama rui dan domyuji. Aduh mereka tuh cool and handsome abiiiizzzz. cayoo han yori dango

wilda christina:



hello all…
can sm1 here send me the ong by utada hikaru,flavor of life?


matsumoto jun is so hot


Does anyone know of an official site where I can find fan mailing addresses for the characters of Hana Yori Dango? (Mainly Shun Oguri)

I’ve looked all over the place but couldn’t find it, or just found it in Japanese.
I’d really appreciate it.



Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone can upload music sheets of planetarium, wish, flavor of life and love so sweet if there are any?

you can send links, informations or whatever to this e-mail adress: pandas_board@web.de

I’d really apreciate you help!
this site is awesome well made and everything is wonderful described…both thumbs up!


this is really a neat movie! I wonder if there’s a second movie of it. hopefully its a seequal!!! :3

kathleen jennyfer robayo navarro:

me encanto la pelicula esta muy hermosa como quisiera q la pasen por tv esta increible m facina como quisiera volver haber esa pelicula y los f4 estan pero relindos


i havnt been able 2 watch chapter 4 and i want 2 watch it, can any1 send it 2 me and my email is hong_kong_girl@hotmail.co.uk.
thnx if u do send it 2 me, o and go on my syts, www.fab-cool-fab-cool.piczo.com and www.www.x-miss-cutie-pie-x.piczo.com thnx if u go on it


hey does anyone no where i can get a
copy of the piano notes for planetarium please email me at


hey by the way i think hana yori dango is awsaome whens the movie coming out season2 was great 2 and again please email me if you have the notes


Here is the full ost of hana yori dango in rapid share (only if you found some problem with the megaupload) open this blog and you will find the link. Get the file and help this blog to get more hit…. Thankz to u all. i love hana yori dango!!!!!
the link :


isn’t Oguri Shun just sooooooo good looking?? hahahaha okay, i’ll shut up now =D can’t wait for the movie to come out!!! =D


i really like rui hanazawa. grabe! his so cute! then of course my jun matsumoto syempre!



you know i really love hana yori dango!!!!! most of all,tsukasa and tsukushi!!!!!i really wish that i can see them in person…i always watching hana yori dango!!!!!!!

i want to say good luck to your career..wish you all the best!!!!!!!!


i really realy as in sobrang like na like ko si hanazawa rui,..syempre di mawawala si jun matsumoto…hehehe. cute din naman si inoue mao.!


..shun oguri, ang cute mo talaga…ang galing mo din pong umarte..hehehe


omg…. i


hi! i can’t dl the 6th episode of hyd2 onwards because it uses sendspace instead of megaupload and always comes up with this msg:
“You have reached your daily download limit (1GB).
Please try again tomorrow or upgrade to sendspace Max™ to enable a massive 4GB daily limit with multiple, fast, top priority downloads.”
Can anyone please help?where else can i dl the show without dl-ing bittorrent?

thanks alot!!!


i like nishikado Soujiro!!!!!!


hi !! Please help me !!!
Did You know the song when we saw the f4 for the first time? (in the first episode of the season 1)
Because it’s a very beautiful song and I looking for this song since 1 month !!! So help me ppplleeeaaassseee !!!!


hi, dennis please help me!! I’ve fund OST OF Hana Yori Dango, but I can’t find it, so sad…. So can u send me the songs (Platinum by ai otsuka, wish and love so sweet by arashi ?!) Please. I need your help. Cos I like HYD very much, especially Matsujun. I need your help cos I can’t download the songs. Arigataou!!


Hiya, hope your well, I recently started to watch a lot of korean and japanese drama, and i came across this one which i thourghly enjoyed.

The reason for my email is that i wa hoping to download the song for that drama, but im finding it extremley difficult like they say women and computers don’t go lol. If you can help me out i would appreciate that a lot. Kind Regards

Amber, Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Amber,

The song you are looking for is “Wish” by Arashi: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NSAAV5WH

Hope that helped. :-)



first of all: nice site!!!!
I have a question:
I absolutely love the soundtrack of Hana Yori Dango 1+2, however as I live on an uni campus, which has a very strict view on shareware and the likes, I’m hindered from downloading from sites such as megaupload etc… :((
Therefore my rude question: can anyone be my hero of the day and send it to me via e-mail? This would be like a very early christmas present!!
Anymway, thanks for reading + maybe sending?

Thanks a lot,

xiomara margaret:



what is the song in HYD that starts of with “arigato”? i want that song but idk what it is??? anyone know?


chiki,that song is called flavour of life by utada hikaru…
i got that song from my friend,but i like to share w/ u…hehehe


hi, dennis..
can u do me a favour and put d pics for d 22bd season?
would reli appreciate it


oops, i mean d 2nd season


I’m sorry, but I never got around to actually watch season 2! So I don’t even have the episodes on my computer. Seems like I’m not that motivated lately, sorry about that, because I’d love to. But these days I don’t watch any jdoramas. I hope I’ll start doing that again sometime…


HEy arigato !!!

i love this dorama!!

If you can watch MY BOSS MY HERO too!

’cause is so good than Hana Yori Dango!!

see u guys!!


sorry if i don’t speak English well..

guys can you tell me where i can find the piano chords of planetarium??

please reply tnx..


One of the best dramas ever (:
and I mean it (:
I hate megaupload, just cos there’s no parallel download
Also I seem to be getting slow net, extremely slow, dial up slow ..
It’s like 20 kb/s not even, that’s very slow
Wish you would upload it onto sendspace/mediafire etc.
Thnx anyway


i love hana yori dango!!!

Guys, do you have the piano sheet for Utada hikaru’s Flavor of Life song? I have been looking for a long time but I couldn’t find one..Please sent it to my e-mail maemae118811@yahoo.com.ph I will really appreciate it..Thank you in advance…


thanks for the OSTs ! ( :


I just want to thank Dennis for putting up the links to the OST download! I am surprise though. Even after one year, Dennis is still responding and helping out everyone. ^^

-A side comment-
Isn’t it funny how in the earlier comments a person out of random asked for Oguri Shun’s email and following that post, Oguri Shun supposedly replied? Then after the person kept on asking for the email, he disappeared. =D


Thanks for the kinds words Hikareii! :D

It really warms my heart to hear that, but I gotta say that it’s because of all you people who comment I continue to help out.

Just went back to the first comments and that is kinda funny about Oguri Shun actually. :-P


hi guys!

can someone possibly send me the mp3 or at least a link to the songs “wish” and “planetarium”..
ive already tried what i think is my best… i just can’t seem to find the right website or link. and i can’t download them from megaupload… i already have the flavor of life by utada hikaro…
please…. please… i would really love to have them… i would really appreciate it…

i know it has been a while since HYD was shown but i still love it…

i guess i will never get over them…

oguri chun adds color to my life…. =)


hi guys!

i already got the songs…

found their links in the earlier comments given by dennis…

domo arigato dennis!!! couldn’t have done it without your links!!!

by the way, i love the website…

keep it up!


hey dennis!

i was quite surprised when ive read that you’re from sweden?

i didnt mean any offense bout it… i just find it kinda cute… hehehe!

this might just be too late but ill say it anyway,

THANKS for such a nice site!!!!!



elo again!

im sorry…

i mean denmark…



No problem, glad you found the links and like my blog :)

It’s ok, no offense taken, I guess you don’t hear about Denmark that often then? Well it is a rather small country, only 5-6 million people :O

Where are you from by the way? Just out of curiosity..


hi dennis!

glad to hear bout that…

ive heard about denmark… actually, known it first from a trivia… i cant remember the exact question… all i recall was the name of a country in Europe that starts with D, a color, and an animal… thus, Denmark, kangaroo and orange… =)

(since denmark ends with K and kangaroo ends in O…)

im from the philippines…

and unfortunately, i cant say that ours is a small country… such a diverse culture… =)


Oh, sounds like a fun game =)

I thought you might be from the philippines, because I get a lot of visitors from there ;-)


well, it was…

hmmm… exactly the reason why i was surprised to know that ure from denmark…

i really thought that you’re from the phils. too…

what can we do?

i guess we’re just hopeless romantics… :-)

besides, i have my motivation.. ;-)


and by the way…

have you watched Gokusen?

it was also nice…

not to mention oguri shun (hanazawa rui) is there… ;-)

well, actually, jun is also there…

i think you’ll like the series…


Oh that’s kinda funny :-P

Yes and I loved it! Gokusen that is. It reminded me a lot of GTO, but they are both great in different ways. I guess you’ve watched GTO haven’t you?


sad to say, i still haven’t watched it (GTO) yet…

though a friend of mine has told me that it was also nice…

i still don’t have the time… and i still have to look for it, too…

i have only watched few episodes when it was aired here in our local tv network..

hopefully, after i get through my paperworks… (aarrgh!!!) =’(


yeah, i guess it was indeed kinda funny…

i even got a bit spaced out posting an entry.

tsk! i should have just read first bout this blog before i jumped to conclusions…

anyway, im glad i found your blog!



planetarium is such a sad song….

the melody i guess…


Ok, well you really need to go download or buy GTO, it’s amazing! I’d even say that it’s better than Gokusen, but both are really great. It’s just that you gotta respect that GTO was the first one, I believe I read something about the final episode being the most watched episode on Japanese TV for many years. I could be wrong, but I think I read that somewhere.

And it’s ok, I don’t always read about the blog I’m writing a comment in either :-P

Yeah, Planetarium is really sad. So sad that I rarely listen to it, but my favorite is definitely Konayuki. Probably the best Asian song I’ve ever heard.


thanks for that info…

that sure piqued my curiosity about gto…

well, i guess, i’m just being biased toward gokusen…


haven’t heard of it..

maybe, ill search for it though…



anyone..can anyone send otsuka ai planetarium song to me? i cant download it through megaupload and rapidshare..


this is my mail adress: juwainiabu_11@yahoo.com.my


ok i just wanted to know if there is web site were i can download the songs from the second season cuz i’ve been CRAZY!!!! looking for them but cant find them NO WHERE!!!! or some one can post it here with the url or something PLZ???


Hi all I am also loooking for soundtrack from Hana Yori dango..from season 1 and 2, especially song by utada hikaru flavour of love, can some one send me the song in mp3 format through my email, since I cannot download it.

BIG HUGE thank you ^_^…


this is hilda again my email is hilda309@yahoo.com
please send me the sountrack guys..

tahnk you again..


hey guys!!!

i once also wanted to have those songs…

i was so starstruck then..

newei, found the songs through earlier links posted by dennis..
i hope they’re still there..

just look at the earlier posts in this blog..

or you can just download it from the limewire.

hehe! i hope im making a good suggestion here…

why not try?



Sorry guys, I had to remove the 2 music videos, but they were .flv files anyway so it doesn’t really matter. I’ve previously deactivated the plugin that allows you to play them. Why those 2 videos used up about 27 GB last night I have no idea!!!? I mean you can’t even play .flv files in most players on your computer anyway?!


ii would like to ask u all if there will be hana yori dango season 3??? pls tell me where to watch it n when will it come out…i mean if there is any season 3…thankksssss!!!! i luv luv this drama so much..xp


@CC - No, there will not be a Season III of Hana Yori Dango. There will, however, be a movie. It’s called Hana Yori Dango -Final-. The same cast will be in it. I think the premiere date is June 28, 2008, but I am not certain, since I can’t read Japanese. Here’s the link to the official page: http://www.hanadan-final.jp/index.html


Thanks for letting us know, hikareii - I didn’t know that there was a movie in the works :)


thx hikareii for tellin me xp i also dont know how to read japanese xD


Hi! all.. erm… I’m Looking For Hana Yori Dango OST for the season 1….can Any one help me ? cauze, I can’t Open The Link Above coz of the strict Law in this country.. :( and I couldn’t find any HYD season 1 OST. Please if anyone can Help Me, please send me a contact kay ^^,

thank You O much. =)

Thanks For The info about Hana Yori Dango Final!!! XD I cant waittt!!! thank u sooo muchhhhh

ghecel joy de chavez:

hi,.,.,i’m looking for all the songs of HYD can you help me
all the seasons of HYD is so beautiful and i really like it alot!!!!


i love asia dramas add me.




heyy! could anyone here please send me the piano sheet for the song Planetarium from Ai Otsuka? it would be highly appreciated! thankss!



hey dennis where did tou get hana yori dango photos cause im a fan of that manga!


I’m kind of looking for Hana Yori Dango Season 2 Soundtrack… I downloaded a link but the one I’m looking for isn’t there.. I’m looking for the soundtrack when Domyouji rushes to the hospital as soon as he heard Makino fainted, the same soundtrack when he chases his old friend across the street.


umm…….if you’d like i found this web site that had HYD OST downloads the wbsite is called 4turk here the link


Thanks a lot for posting the link for Planetarium by Ai Otsuka been looking for it all day :D


Hey I was wondering if you could mail me to somewhere I can find the Movie to download.
message me on


I love hana yori dango and I love matsumoto jun
he is the hottest guy I ever sow in my whole life


i like this movie very nice
thank u
best wishes erinya
i love all this
thank uuu
thank u


I like hana yori dango very much
I love domouji
I love them all


hi… nice blog… wanna xlink with me? thx before


Hi, everyone…I´m brazilian, and i love HYD…but,
i Can´t find the movie, Hana Yori Dango Final…
Please, someone can help me?




Thank you very much for the Wish and Planetarium. They are amazing just like te series. I love the jdrama, the anime, and the manga too. You do a great job here, so I put site in the favourits. But I have a question: do xou know anything about the movie which was out this summer - Hana Yori Dango - Final? - Is it possibel that Sars will do english fansubs for it, or any other site? Today I will watc the last episodes from the return so I would like to see the movie too.
Thanks, Anna


woww this website is rather amazing! :D but but i couldnt find the song WISH from either megaupload or rapidshare ));

could someone send it to me via email pleassse?




hey! can you send me the song planetarium sang by ai otsuka? my email is michelle_7391@hotmail.com
thanks!!!! :D


that was aweoosmmee!!!!!!!! totally loved it… cryied at th end… amazing story.. i love rui tho SOO HOT!!


Hello.This might be sudden but could someone tell me where i can download Hanadan Final movie.


with Eng sub


ahhh!!! i LOVE matsumoto jun and OGURI SHUN ! also the story! soooo inspiring ! gawwd !


I watched this drama recently, and found it more enjoyable and full of
surprises than the Taiwanese version.
I wonder about the original manga, is there anyone could tell me where I
I could collect the complete set of the manga?
I’m from Indonesia, I got the series from 1 - 36, but it’s not complete
yet, I suppose.
If you can help me, please e-mail me : empriel@yahoo.com.
Arigatou gozaimasu! :)

rizki fauzi:

inoe mao very beautifful girl

i like it


hi, thanks for your website. it’s amazing. do you know where can I download all hana yori dango soundtrack? please e-mail the link to me. thanks very much.


thanks for the sharing~ appreciate XD


=) Hana Yori Dango’s one of the best drama! xD

Does anyone have the music sheet for the song “Planetarium” by Ai Otsuka? If so, could you send it to me through anemonix@gmail.com please? =) Thank you!



its currently 4th ranking drama on animecrazy.net! I just finish watching it! ^^ it was really good! it was kinda annoying in the beginning thought but wel thats how dramas should be right? haha. go watch hono yari dango! Would be one of my top dramas of all time! i love the drama..hearts hearts! ^^

btaw, it was kinda like Meteor Garden drama. Anyone have heard or watched that? It was kinda the same and that my 1st asian drama ever! So ya it reminded me of it. Its goog good! XDD

ym > lenz_keith

inase u wana talk to me with the drama! ^^

sayonara nakamas! ^^



oh HYD! i really likes all of your story, it’s simple and so so meaningful ^_^

volts_08 aka boruteru:

hello everyone! im back. hehe ive been receiving updates from this site so i came back here to check how things are going :)) unfortunately i cant connect to the forums, what happened dennis? btw, ive just seen orange days. great great jdrama. hyd is no match! hahaha

kei arashi:

do you have the background music entitled “melting point”?

Tyler Mastropietro:

Nice blog. Can’t wait to start my own blog.


women arigato x


Umm can someone tell me the song or melody that happened in i think episode 3 or 4 where sakurao (what ever her name is -_-’ “i don’t like her”) pulled away the book from makino? when they were in her room?
i really like it and i would love to know

thanks :D


can anyone please send me the sheet music for arashi wish?! Please, I’ve looking it for days…


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Hi guys. Does any of you have ‘Planetarium’ Acoustic version?
I miss Hana Yori Dango and the cast, especially Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao

Ahmad Repke:

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