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Digg.com is the hottest thing right now. It’s a social technology news website, that depends on the users in pratically all aspects of the site. Once a user submits a story it will be send to the digg area queue and if enough users like that particular story and they choose to “digg it” it will be promoted to the front page, based on number of diggs and time of day and various other things.

The social aspect of the site comes into play through the “friends” tab, where you can add trusted people as friends, and then follow their digg history, and see what stories they comment on.

Ever since the Digg crew, with Kevin Rose, CEO as the front man, received $2.8 million from venture capital groups and investors its growth has been crazy. Today it’s the 564th most popular website in the world according to Alexa, continuously climbing up the charts.

There’s currently 160.000 members (I myself being a proud member since September 2005, slowly closing in on a 1000 diggs) and 1200 stories being submitted per day. So trust me, the stories that manages to get to the front page are rarely useless or uninteresting.

Here’s some random interesting facts about Digg from the Wikipedia page:

* On October 15, 2005, Digg.com reached 100,000 stories submitted.

- Near the end of November 2005, Digg.com broke the 100,000 registered users mark.

- On December 4th, 2005, a story about an abusive New York camera store called Price Rite Photo was submitted by blogger and Digg member Thomas Hawk. The story received nearly 9000 diggs (5000 of which occurred in the first 24 hours of submission) and had a little over 1000 comments, breaking the record for the most diggs and comments a story had ever received on Digg.com. Flooded with spam and prank calls, the camera store apologized to Mr. Hawk. Subsequently this story was picked up by the New York Post, Forbes and The New York Times among other major media outlets. As of January 26, 2006 the priceritephoto.com domain was not working, the site was delisted by the major shopping comparison sites, the Times had reported the business shut down with unanswered mail stacked up at their door and PriceRitePhoto has subsequently changed their name to BarclaysPhoto with eBay.

- Kevin Rose has revealed, “One of the things that pushed us into the mainstream was the Paris Hilton cellphone hack, in which her cellphone images and data were stolen and posted online. Someone posted the story on digg late one night and because of the popularity of the story it was quickly dugg onto the homepage.”

One of the coolest features that digg has to offer is Digg Spy 2.0, which is a real-time view of what’s going on anywhere on the site. It lets you see what stories people are digging, commenting on, reporting as old, lame and so on.

= Represents the stories that are being submitted/promoted.
= Dugg stories.
= Stories that are buried/reported.
= Stories commented on.

The idea and concept behind Digg has naturally spawned other websites. One such site is Shoutwire where you “shout” instead of digg a story. Another one is Video Bomb, where you “bomb” a story to the frontpage. There’s also Wobblog (you “wobble” stories), Digg.de (almost an insult and talk about copyright infringement!), ShutterSeek , Curious Contraptions Community (you “holler” stories), APBNews (crime related), Scoopeo (you “clic” stories), Blog Memes (spanish version), and the list goes on.

Now, what I really really want, is for Digg (the REAL one mind you) to add other subjects, like politics, video, music and others. This has been talked about forever, but when will it happen?!

On an ending note I want to say that should you not already be familiar with Digg, then head over there right now! I can only speak for myself, but ever since I found out about the site (thanks to my big brother) I’ve never looked back. I visit that site tons of times daily and watch the weekly podcast religiously every sunday. Digg on!

Links of interest:
Digg Blog: When they roll out new features, this is the first place that’ll let you know.

Diggnation: A weekly podcast hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, where they discuss the top stories on digg.com.

Kevin Rose: Kevin Rose’s blog.

Alex Albrecht: Alex Albrecht’s blog.



“Almost an insult” …

almost an insult? hmm let me see… there are what… like ~ 30 digg clones? and from this…. uhm yeah lets see ~20 english clones there is in the WHOLE german environment only 1… digg.de

a full non-commercial website, developed by a non-profit organisation with their users… not to mention we got digg.de registered back to 1998,, hum what was digg early in 2004 and before? a russian website and a record label…

we cloned digg for the german community, if digg.com brings up a base for non-english users like us then talk again man.

its a insult that you talk about copyright infringement without doing any research.


well not to mention that we are one of the small percent of clones who write a own software instead of grabing a domain and put a opensource digg system on it…


I respect the fact that you want to share a great idea with the german speaking part of the world. But copying design like that just doesn’t earn respect in my book. I only meant design wise, not content, so sorry about being unclear about that. So when you registered the site, before or after Digg.com doesn’t really matter. I’m glad however that you write your own software, but I think I’m entitled to feel like the look and overall feel is very close to digg.com… which I guess was your whole idea behind the site.


yes sure, digg.de looks in many aspects like the original, we notified digg.com several times in the past about the process of digg.de and it doesnt look like anyone there cares about it.

It is not our intention to 0815 steal stuff, but digg.com looks great same with other websites, even digg.com was inspired by the mozilla design (look at some earlier versions of digg, im like you a reader like mid 2005).

digg.de also get mainly designed by our users, they discuss about a feature, we add it.. digg.de is able to search tag related content (we also have tag support), or aggreate similar storys from other german tech websites. Hence we will even check in the future if a visitor of digg.de comes from an US ip-space and will redirect them to .com or notify him about digg.com, compared to our big brother we are a not even worth to get mentioned, we have absolutly no commercial background idea behind digg.de , our users dont care and also read the original.

We made digg.de cause guys in the german blogosphere discussed a german clone.

i respect your opinion so you have with mine :)

btw, great work on the little flash movies in the review.


“Digg.de is a Non-Commercial project of H Zero Seven, without any legal relationship to digg.com”

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