Noteworthy Plugin

You’ve noticed the heart in the title, haven’t you?

I just installed another plugin called Noteworthy and what it does is quite simple: it adds a little heart (well now it does, had to switch the default grey star because it didn’t really go well with the rest of the design) to the posts I find the most interesting, a “best of” this site so to speak.

Simple but useful.

I’m having some trouble getting the newly (and automatically) added “Noteworthy” category to work. It works if you access it directly:, but it refuses to show up through the archives.

UPDATE: Huh? That’s weird. Everything’s OK now in the archives.

UPDATE: OK, everything wasn’t quuuite perfect. The noteworthy category in the archives page, was only showing the first two posts I chose to “set as noteworthy”. Then it hit me; I needed to empty the cache in the ELA (Extended Live Archives).

You need to clear the cache so that it gets re-built whenever you are making changes related to a category without editing or creating a post (like renaming, creating, deleting a category for instance.


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