…And We’re Done

Whew! The history project I’ve been working on with a classmate all week is finally done! It’s been a rough four days, especially because our work ethic was more or less completely lacking for large portions of time. But fortunately we managed to pull it through and were even finished a bit ahead of schedule, as we don’t have to hand it in until tomorrow morning.

I was thinking of skipping this lecture I have to go to tonight with my psychology class, but since we finished early I guess there’s no way around it. I guess it won’t be that bad, the topic is “bullying” and the one who’ll do the presentation is a renowned danish actor called Lars Bom.

But who knows? I might learn something. Now if just it wouldn’t take forever because we have to take the train, which means I won’t be home until 10pm or something along those lines.


Please, Don't Be Shy