I just got invited to this supposedly hot new web service called coComment. Basically what it does is that it tracks your comments and conversations on blogs. I was asked to install this bookmarklet in my browser, and then from now on whenever I comment on someone’s post, I can go back to the coComment website for a better overview of what I’ve got going on. Seems like a very useful tool, as I have trouble enough from time to time remembering all those URLs I visit daily. I’ll give it a go with this post for starters.

UPDATE: It works. Almost. I tested it on a blog specifically for testing out coComment, and then of course my own. Guess which didn’t work fully? Mine of course. It’s nothing serious, it’s just that it won’t post my site info, such as the URL and the name of this post. I highly suspect that it’s because I have Ajax commenting turned on, but I’m not sure I want to give that up. Gotta love Ajax.

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UPDATE: Appearantly it’s not just me who’s being crazy, about the site info not showing up on coComment, it seems to be a “bug” in K2, or the other way around more likely. The maker of K2 has this to say:

Well to be honest, CoComment is sorta hustling their way to the title of the entry, I’m not sure K2 should revert to Kubrick’s manner of showing titles just for that… To be brutally honest even, it’s kinda CoComment’s problem IMHO.

UPDATE: You can grab a Greasemonkey script called Automatic coComment, which basically makes it a whole lot easier for you, since you don’t have to remember to press that goddamn bookmarklet before commenting. The script will automatically detect that there’s a comment form on the site you’re surfing and do it for you, allowing you to just comment as you would normally do. Pretty nifty if you ask me.



Testing coComments. Hope this works.


Is it work?

Can i take invititation please?



I’m not sure if these have already been taken, but give them a try:


If they don’t work, then just head over to and sign up to be notified via e-mail whenever there’s an invite ready for you and you should get one soon. I hear some people getting one as early as within 30 minutes.


Does it work for you? On my blog ot seem to not work properly ;)


Actually no. Now I can’t even see my comments on the cocomment website. A while ago I only had trouble getting the name of the blog and the article to show, but it doesn’t work at all for me now.

It’s only sites like ours that uses K2 as the theme that have problems though.

Newsvine at Orange Days:

[…] It’s easy and fun. Whenever you see an article you really like, you just press the “Seed Newvine” button you’ve installed, just like you did with coComment and it will be readily available for others to read and talk about. It’s a quick and efficiant way of spreading news. […]

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