Canon In D On Guitar

If there’s one video clip I’m watching too much these days, it’s definitely this of an extremely talented Japanese guy playing Canon in D on his electric guitar.

And I also love the clip because the song is also featured in My Sassy Girl, which is one of my favorite movies. Ever.

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pachabel’s canon… it was my wife’s wedding march. Such a versatile piece of music it is - being intyerpreted so many ways. the rock guitarist would meake Jimi Hendrix proud. he is amazing. thank you for putting this song here.. this is my first visit and what a nice welcome!


Someday when I get married I’d like this song to play to my wife’s wedding march too.

And no problem, hope you like it here and welcome:-)


Nice but also sad :( ! I think this is a perfect song for this activiti , the wife`s wendding march. I played the song to my girlfriend , and she heard this and tears fall down. I love this song ! But for me is this song even better, is the same but a long version.—Pachelbel-Canon?v=dNFLylLlh0E&search=Sassy Clip romantic memorable piano placebo jeon ji hyun

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