More DVDs In My Collection

Yay, just got the two movies from YesAsia I have been waiting for :-)

I’m especially excited about the Densha Otoko movie, since I just finished the drama TV-series… which was GREAT all the way through, although there’s no way in freaking hell that I’m shelling out $242 for the boxset on YesAsia! I’m also excited about the movie because Yamada Takayuki stars in it as the main character, the major geek… which is pretty weird since he makes a cameo in the TV-version where he saves the geek from a drunk man.

Not too excited about Swing Girls, since I already saw it during the summer holidays, but it’ll be fun to rewatch still though.

UPDATE: Finished watching Densha Otoko and all in all I’d say it was pretty good. It’s probably unfair of me to compare to the TV version (because it’s much more difficult to cram a lot of details into a 100-minute movie) but I still did a little. It follows the actual story (have only read 5/6 chapters since that’s all that has been translated so far) more than the series did and most things, like the scenes with comments from the 2ch members were more stylish presented, but it still didn’t capture me as much. I had my heart into the series a lot more, but that is to be expected so I’m still happy that I bought the movie :-)

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