King Kong 2005

Went to see King Kong last night with my girlfriend, and all I can say is: IT ROCKED!

Clocking in at an monstrous 3 hours, I think keeping the audience entertained throughout the whole thing is an amazing feat accomplished by none other than Peter Jackson of course.

It was also a stroke of genious to cast Naomi Watts (of The Ring fame) and Tenacious D’s very own Jack Black. Especially Naomi Watts did a great job and carried a big part of the movie all by herself in a way I’ve only seen done by Ji-hyun Jun (My Sassy Girl and Windstruck)

Anyway, what an awesome movie. When’s the DVD coming out? :-D

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Jack Black should stick to his music, man. The Tenacious D rock… this film didn’t. But it’s not Jack’s fault; he didn’t write or direct this mess.

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