Kingdom Hearts 2 Released In Japan

One of my most anticipated games right now (besides Final Fantasy XII, GTA4 and Metal Gear 4) is Kindom Hearts 2. Those lucky Japanese were able to buy the game already yesterday, while us Europeans have to wait a few more months.

There are rumors circulating that the highly respected Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has given the game a pretty great score. I hear 39/40 most places (they have 4 reviewers review each game and in this case it’s: 10 / 9 / 10 / 10). But I also hear 40/40 over at the IGN boards, which sounds too unlikely. Only 5 other games would have scored equally then:

-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
-Soul Calibur
-Vagrant Story
-The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

1st guy: 10/10
This game is a masterpiece, it has lived up to it’s optimum exepctations. The battles have been improved greatly and are very enjoyable.

2nd guy: 10/10
The characters from FF have been rendered amazingly. The battle has been a memorable part!!(The Hollow Bastion war scene probably)

3rd guy: 10/10
With a mysterious story, this manages to unravel everything in a great manner, and is amazing!

4th guy: 10/10
The Disney characters have been recreated perfectly! You can even play with Winnie the Pooh!!

Total: 40/40

… but nothing has been confirmed yet.


Another thing I’m excited about is Utada Hikaru once again singing the theme song. Who can forget “Simple and Clean”? :-)

Speaking of which, here is the ending from Kingdom Hearts:

And her new one is pretty amazing as well! It’s called Passion and can be heard in the intro movie for Kingdom Hearts 2:

An English version of Passion should be released soon, or that’s what they say at Wikipedia at least. But it would make sense since Simple and Clean was translated into English and in Japan they know that song as Hikari.

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I soo wish I lived in Japan right now.Its too bad the game wasn’t released worldwide like they were originally planning to. Just think how awesome this Christmas would have been to have that game under the tree.

Hopefully though Square-Enix will release the game in NA and Eur. in March as planned, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the release date got pushed back (you know how Square is notorious for pushing back dates).But I really hope that doesn’t happen though.

Oh man,its sooo tempting to watch the intro vid to KH2 (you can even download alot of the cut-scenes and even the ending on but I’m trying to hold out on watching any spoiler vids,except trailers,until when it comes out in Mar.

Last time when KH1 came out I spoiled myself by watching the Japanese intro and opening movie,and even the english opening movie months before it was released. I think this time I’ll wait and be surprised.

Thats great though that the game got such a high score on Famitsu. Yeah,I’ve been hearing alot of rumors that it got 40/40 as well,but 39 out of 40 is also pretty damn sweet and is almost perfect. Should get some really good scores when its released worldwide.



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Secret Sound:

i have the game!!
i just love it and i’m sure you guys wiould love it too, it’s very intresting and i could play forever!!
my fav thing in the game is the intro song, it’s one of the most beautiful songs i’ve ever heard in my life!!!!!!!!!! and it’s in english.

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