Densha Otoko

YAY :-)

Today is the day the Christmas holidays start for me. I definitely feel the presen… I mean the joy of spending time with your family drawing nearer. :-P Well, it’s not really about the presents anymore, like it used to be when I was little, but they are… nice.

I also hope this is the time, where I get to finish watching a Japanese tv-series I just started watching. It’s called Densha Otoko (Train Man) and tells an authentic story about an otaku (nerd) who one day helps a beautiful girl on the train from being harrased by a drunk old man. The book has sold in millions, and the movie is doing equally well and so, now a TV-series based on the phenomenon that is Densha Otoko has arrived.

It all started on 2ch (2-channel), the largest internet forum in the world as a series of threads. Here’s 2ch compared to the biggest English language forum:

Anyway, so far Densha Otoko is fantastic and it’s no wonder that the story has gotten so popular. It’s the ultimate fairytale, and it’s real…

Go here to check out the original posts:

Damn, I wish I was able to understand Japanese.

PSP! *drools*… here Yamada (Train Man) is helping some boys advancing in some game.

Studio Gonzo had over 200 guys working on the fantastic animated opening sequence set to the old classic song Twilight by Electric Light Orchestra.

Some guy on 2ch trying to convince Yamada to give Hermes a call to thank her for the cups. She’s called that because the brand of these cups is a really expensive French one called Hérmes.

Hermes, who Yamada is head over heels in love with.

On an ending unrelated note, I really hope I’m able to put up a gallery pretty soon. When I do, I’ll use all the images I had on my old website, which amounts to about 4000 images!

Some of the ASCII art featured in the original posts are pretty amazing!

Some examples:

(Although this one has been slightly altered in the series)

…ahhh happy ending :-)
Densha and Hermes are still together to this day.

UPDATE: Sweeeet! A kind soul is translating all 6 “missions”, which the story has been divided in.

> Mission.1 - dinnerwhere help - COMPLETE!
> Mission.2 - I’ve got you - COMPLETE!
> Mission.3 - She gently takes my hand - COMPLETE!
> Mission.4 - The time to use the cups has arrived - COMPLETE!
> Mission.5 - Please don’t put me in that kind of mood - IN PROGRESS
> Mission.6 - The miraculous final chapter (can eventually be found there)

UPDATE: You can catch the great animated opening sequence right here: (As mentioned earlier the song is Twilight by Electric Light Orchestra.)

Download Link

UPDATE: This is a short animation by the founders of Gainax from ‘83. The Densha Otoko intro pays homage to it, it even has the same song.

Download Link

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I also loved this Drama…
Do you have the songs?? If yes, could you send them to me, specially the ending theme and the opening one.



Check your e-mail. Sorry, but I only had the opening - actually I don’t even remember other songs from Densha Otoko, hmm… anyway better than nothing I guess.


I saw that those screencaps had English subs… is the series available subbed anywhere online? I’m interested to watch this :D


Sure, you can download the jdorama via bittorrent here:

Let me know if you need help. :-)


Dennis, thanks so much! :)

Train Man (Densha Otoko) Book In English at Orange Days:

[…] Just ordered this book along with the Silent Hill DVD from Amazon. I can’t believe that this book was finally translated into English, I was hoping for that several months ago, when I watched the brilliant TV-series version of the phenomenon. I’ve already read most of the story in English, as it’s been translated here: Project Densha. But I don’t mind paying for something like this. I’m also pretty curious as to how well the feeling of a message board is kept intact when you’re reading it in a book. Check further below for a small sample. […]


hey i just watched the whole serie and it was realy inspiering and i was wondering if you Dennis or some one els coud send a page with the torrent with the start music becouse i realy liked it alot!;) hope you can and thanks for setting out the torrent!:) so hope you can do it!:) sorry if my english is bad or my spelling :P but hope you understand!:)


Hey kenneth. If you have a bittorrent client that can download individual files (like Azureus, Bitcomet and more) you can download the song “Twilight” here:

Hope you manage to download it. And couldn’t agree more - that is one kickass opening. I really love it as well :-)


I also watched this inspiring jdorama last year when i was in japan, then I downlaod it as soon as an eglish sub ws released. try this link, and for other j-dramas got to for infos
and or


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I love this series :D

I was wondering, is there any way you could send me the opening theme (as an mp3 or m4a?)

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