Silent Hill Teaser Trailer

I’m more excited than ever about the upcoming Silent Hill movie!

Download Video (6.50 MB)

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Yeah,its pretty awesome,eh? It not really the official teaser trailer though,just the flash intro from the official Silent Hill movie website that launched last week that someone converted into an mpeg file,but its cool nonetheless.I also have it downloaded in a nice clear wmv file,and ever since last week I’ve been watching it over and over again.Still can’t stop watching it,its so good.

Did you notice the nurses walking dragging the pipes at the beginning,and Pyramid Head around the end of it?

I can’t wait for the full trailer to come out though.I’ve heard its supposed to come out with Underworld Evolution in January,so it should be online before that,within the next few weeks I’ve heard from someone who works at Sony.

Man,I can’t wait until April for this movie!


Yeah I’m totally psyked about it now!… but I gotta admit that I hadn’t seen it until today,but that’s because I couldn’t watch the intro at all.. I tried in IE, firefox and Flock, but all of them just froze immediately and me and a friend got pretty impatient, because all we could see was the same movement and sound over and over again.. but yeah it looks awesome :-)

Oh yeah holy shit didn’t see pyramid head there at all.. seriously I don’t see how this can go wrong.. also with the director being a fan of the games and everything.

I don’t know if it’s already in the cinemas but I heard that the trailer should be out when King Kong starts playing in theaters??…


I didn’t catch it at first either.Its the 2nd last scene,looks like he’s ripping apart someone or something,either that or some guts are flying out of him or something.

Yep,I can’t wait for it either,I don’t think there’s any possible way they could screw it up with all thats been said,and shown about it so far.

I don’t think the trailer is supposed to be released with King Kong though.King Kong is being made by Universal and not Sony.The only trailer I’ve heard thats defintly going to be attached to King Kong,is the X-Men 3 teaser trailer,which came online earlier last week. Alot of people are saying it’ll probably come with Sony’s hyped Underworld Evolution. Since the first Underworld had the trailer for Resident Evil Apocolypse, its highly likely. And I read that someone who has connections to Sony confirmed it on one of the Silent Hill message boards. Besides UE is the only big anticipated winter movie that Sony has to promote some new trailers for some of their upcoming spring and summer movies like Silent Hill (which only comes out like 3-4 months after Underworld Evolution anyway).

Usually most trailers arrive online before they debut in the cinemas,so we’ll probably see it online within the next few weeks, maybe the end of Dec,or early Jan at the latest.I believe that poster contest on the SH movie website ends around Jan.3 and they said they’ll be putting up the entries on the official SH website the next day,so people can vote for them. So maybe around that time they’ll also put up the full trailer on the site or on Apple,before it opens with UE. Can’t wait!

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