Think Unfunny Thoughts

These clips are both tragic and incredibly funny! Me and a friend found them and almost couldn’t stop laughing. A TV-host bursts out laughing, when he hears the voice of one of the guests. After that he apologizes, but it just goes downhill from there…

The first clip is shorter, so if you feel like 10 MB is too much to download, just go with the first. The second clip starts out a bit boring and I think it explains more in detail about what actually happened, but it’s funnier.

(3.8 MB)

(10.6 MB)

Update: An online buddy of mine, who happens to be Dutch explained to me, from what he was able to understand, what happens in the clip. Apparantly the lady had some surgery done in her stomach, and the guy with the funny voice in his throat. When the TV-host starts laughing, he can’t stop and the guy with the funny voice says that he can’t continue if he keeps laughing. And I think that sums it up pretty much… oh yeah, and the guy was fired obviously and “Boemerang” was no more…

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