School, Stolen Goods And The Da Vinci Code

Damn. I looked through some of my previous posts and noticed that it’s been about three weeks since I first thought that I had to do this history presentation. I have been nervous about possibly having to do it the next day for many nights now. Like yesterday, for instance. I was completely convinced that there was no way out now, and that I had to do the presentation today. But no. The pain continues. I don’t know why I fear it. Maybe it’s because I hate history, or maybe it’s because the pages I had to read are pretty difficult to do a presentation on. Or maybe, just maybe it’s because I didn’t choose this myself, like we usually do. Damn that teacher, who shall remain nameless.

It’s really, really cold in Denmark right now, and I thought that I could use a really warm and nice jacket. So about a month ago I started looking on eBay for a clothing label called Canada Goose, which normally retails at $400-500, but I might be able to get it through a friend of a friend for just over $200. Thank God for all those immoral people out there, willing to sell stuff for cheap;-) Nah hehe, just kidding, that’s horrible.

Hmm what else has happened today? The first 4 (fôr, fr) hours of the day we spend watching movies! In history we had to finish some French movie, which we had begun watching the last time, and in Danish we watched a very popular Danish TV-show called “Rejseholdet” and in English we watched “Angela’s Ashes” about an Irish family and their tragic life in the 1930s, and except for Rejseholdet I almost fell asleep all the time.

Oh yeah, and in Danish we each had to choose which book we want to read, but our teacher had already chosen about 10 for us, which we could choose from. I chose The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which I guess is a book I’m one of the few people left in the world, who haven’t read. But I simply had to to find out what all the fuss is about! I mean it was on the New York times bestseller list for the longest time, and maybe still is, I don’t know. But our teacher warned us that we would have to somehow get the book ourselves. So I think I’ll do that now. My local library should have it, but I better hurry since I have to go see my girlfriend in a few hours, and I still need to shower and begin writing an essay, which I need to hand in monday to my Danish teacher!

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