Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

I watched the 4th Harry Potter movie sunday and I must admit that I was very pleased with it. In my opinion they are getting better each time, but then again I’m not the most demanding moviegoer in the world. I know they don’t stick to every little detail, but on the other hand that would be an impossible movie to make, and possibly also impossible to watch. I think it would be very boring, and there would just be all the more reason to ditch the movies and re-read all the books again instead. I like how a new director each time (except for the first two movies, both directed by the same director) gets an opportunity to show us, the audience, how he envisions the fantastic world thought up by the ingenious J.K. Rowling. They give me something new, something fresh to look at and have fun with. I, for one, love them for what they are; movies directed by fellow fans, for fans.


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