Just What I Needed (sarcasm)

I woke up and immediately noticed that I had gotten a sore throat. Didn’t pay too much attention to it, but now, three hours later, I’m freezing like hell and my joints hurt. Basically I’m sick…. well at least about to get sick. That’s just bad timing since I have to do a heck load of spanish (write an essay and translate some lines) and prepare for this ridiculously huge history presentation… for tomorrow! OK, some of it might be my fault for not starting sooner, but who wants to do homework during the holidays? Wouldn’t be holidays if you spend a lot of time thinking about school, now would it?:-P

Anyway, I’m doomed…

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Sorry to hear about your flu,Dennis.Hope you’re feeling better soon.I’d recommend having some chicken noodle soup,drinking lots of juice,and getting lots of rest,and maybe taking some vitamins if you got any,I know that always helps me feel abit better,so it may help you as well.Since your sick,maybe you’ll be able to stay home from school and it won’t be so bad.

Anyway,Take it easy,and don’t let your projects and homework get you too down.

Take Care.


Thanks a lot:-)

Already starting to feel a bit better I think. I thought it would be hell getting through the day in school, especially because we have spanish at 8am, but “luckily” someone from class (who was supossed to) didn’t call me to let me know that our teacher was sick, so I had to ride back home on the bus… but I shouldn’t complain. Only a three hour school day:-P

Anyway I’ll make sure to follow your advice, sounds like a really good idea.

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