Ohhh, My Bad!

As it turns out it wasn’t really a bug in Flock that caused me to be able to press “check for updates” and repeatedly seeing a “Download now” sign. I guess I was just trying at a bad time, or they were just about to actually have an update ready and so I have just downloaded Flock 0.4.10.

The blog editor has been improved:


From Flockradio:

Some of the other things that have improved:

New problems :-(

  • Spell checking right now is English only, and does not work on Microsoft Windows because of a package problem.


UPDATE: Yay, I’m sooo glad that I’m now able to choose categories for my post. Also it seems WordPress uses a Moveable Type API and NOT MetaWeblog, which I had previously heard… hmm don’t know but works like a charm now. Guess that means I can rely entirely on the blog editor for when I need to blog. Now if they could just get that spell checker to work properly with Windows..

UPDATE: ARGH! Gmail is still causing trouble. When I use Flock I can’t see all the attachments people send to me, or the other way around… and I still can’t compose a new e-mail either. Hmm… I wonder if this is just me?

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