Think Unfunny Thoughts

These clips are both tragic and incredibly funny! Me and a friend found them and almost couldn’t stop laughing. A TV-host bursts out laughing, when he hears the voice of one of the guests. After that he apologizes, but it just goes downhill from there…
The first clip is shorter, so if you feel like […]

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M.Y.M.P. is a pinoy band I keep coming back to on YouTube. I don’t know what it is about these two songs, but I just love them… in fact they are beautiful.

M.Y.M.P. - Especially For You

M.Y.M.P. - Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Amazon Fucked Up (Finally)

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Amazon that said that they had experienced an error, which accidentally made them ship out more products to me than I had ordered. It also said that I had to return the extra products, but that I would receive a £5.00 gift certificate to make […]

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What The Flock?

Flock is really testing my limits these days, instead of the other way around. Every now and then when I have too many tabs opened at once it’ll freeze for a few minutes, which then leaves me to just sit and stare. So I don’t really know whether to permenantly go back to Firefox […]

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The Giggles

Me and some friends had fun with this video. This guy laughs SO hard that he can’t even finish a sentence.

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Funny Miming

This guy mimes to Natalie Imbruglia’s hit “Torn”, and it’s actually pretty funny!

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A Chain Reaction Game

This game is pretty addicting, even though there’s not much to do. Just see how long you can keep the chain reaction going.

UPDATE: 1594
UPDATE: 1683
UPDATE: 2012

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School, Stolen Goods And The Da Vinci Code

Damn. I looked through some of my previous posts and noticed that it’s been about three weeks since I first thought that I had to do this history presentation. I have been nervous about possibly having to do it the next day for many nights now. Like yesterday, for instance. I was completely convinced that […]

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Funny URL Names

I was surfing digg again today, and found this pretty cool story. Some of these registered domain names are REALLY funny:
1) Who Represents?, a database for agencies to the rich and famous:
2) Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange
advice and views:
3) Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island:
4) […]

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Streets of Fire: Supernova 2035 DS

Damn, this game is addicting!
Can’t seem to get higher than 1.4 million though.
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