Who Want A WordPress Invite?

Just checked my wordpress.com account and it seems I have another invite to give out. If you want an invite just tell me a bit about what you’re going to use the blog for.



I like the name from wordpress. Maybe because it is my name.
May I have this blog. If you want to give it a way. Any way the last entry where a year ago. So please please :D
Thanks a lot


Hi.. uhm Dennis hehe.. I checked out your current blog and thought you seem just like the kind of guy I wanna give that domain to.

Soooo, check your e-mail and you’ll have dennis.wordpress.com in no time. I’m glad somebody will have a use for it, so just delete the posts and links or whatever and your set. ;-)


Thanks a lot for you domain. I make a good use of it. It’s a petty that you can’t read my blog.

The transport was very good.

Thanks again.
Greets dennis

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