Veronica Mars Theories

On Wednesday I received an e-mail from Kendra, a really good online buddy of mine who shared with me some interesting theories about Veronica Mars.

These are just theories but may turn out to be spoilers so if you don’t want to read on you have been warned.

I remember a few people pointing out that the E was missing in Volleyball when Veronica was marking the names of the people who flunked the drug test on the whiteboard in the first episode this season,and noticed the SH on the bus before it left,SH+E=She.Also that comment Dick made about there being only psychotic women around here (I believe he said it at his house when Kendall was around),so I got to thinking those might be some clues.I’m really enjoying Charisma’s character so far,and I heard she’s going to be in about 10 or 11 episodes this season (hmm,almost as many as Mr.Echolls,could that be a clue,hmmm)so she must have some storylines coming up besides just the affair thing with Logan,and I think they are having her on for the 10 or 11 episodes to build up her character for something-like they did with Aaron.Would be cool though if Charisma’s character was somehow behind the bus crash.I think Charisma could play a really good evil psycho person, which may not be too much of a stretch for her character.But then again this is all from the same girl who thought Veronica’s mom killed Lily last season (boy was I wrong or what?!).

VERY interesting if you ask me. May be too far out but you never know with Veronica Mars. Season 1 managed to constantly surprise me. Damn, this is turning out to be an equally awesome season!

These pictures show what she’s talking about:

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