Testing Along With The Rest of the Flock

Hello friends of Flock,

We can’t wait any longer. Today, we are pleased to invite you to try what will very soon become the Flock Developer Preview.

“Developer Preview?” you ask?

Well, let’s put it this way. We know there are some good ideas already baked into Flock — inspired by the way we all already use the web. And we’ve been busting our butts to get the code out there so we can start getting feedback from the bleeding edge.

We are working as fast and as hard as humanly possible to get the browser to a quality to support users, not just developers ;-) and we are putting the infrastructure to create an open community where we hope everyone will feel welcome. We are a small team and would love your assistance in making this happen!

I just received an announcement from the Flock team that let me know
that I could download their web browser! Damn, that’s GREAT news. I have been wanting
to mess around with this browser since sometime last month. It has been
heartwrenching to read about other people’s experiences with it,
knowing that I was nowhere near getting my hands on this baby.

Anyway everything looks great this far. I probably won’t rely on it as my default browser just yet, but the blog editor seems extremely cool with intergrated Technorati tags, del.icio.us bookmarks and other cool stuff. Just found out about something they call a shelf, which is basically a place for you to drag and drop something you might want to return to. Drag a picture and it will be accessable at any time. Hmm… seems to be some problems since nothing happens when I press the item, but this version of Flock isn’t called pre-release 0.5 for no reason. All in all I’m incredibly excited about the potential of Flock to be honest. Damn, gotta play around with it some more, but I should post more as I discover things.

Really hope this will publish…

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Any idea how you use the ‘Shelf’ feature?


Hmm… I was just being dumb it seems. Just found out that it’s something that could benefit you if you find some cool pictures and want to blog them. Just drag them into the shelf and drag them from your shelf into your post when you need it. VERY cool actually..

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