MSN 8.0 Beta

A screenshot of what might be MSN 8 was leaked earlier today, with the actual program apparantly leaking soon. Looks very nice, but I read that a private beta shouldn’t start until mid-november, so it’s probably just a skin. Very nice either way…

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Who Want A WordPress Invite?

Just checked my account and it seems I have another invite to give out. If you want an invite just tell me a bit about what you’re going to use the blog for.


Rain, Darkness… And School

So, school has begun once again. But not only that, it’s also currently raining and have done so all day, pretty much. More than enough to get me absolutely soaked on my way home from school because the busses were completely stuffed! And now I have to do some German and science for tomorrow.
This day […]

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Giant Creatures Showing Up Everywhere

Apparently huge creatures are discovered everywhere these days.
Not too long ago a video of a huge creature, which was found after the tsunami, showed up and got some major attention on the internet.
Now an Ice Giant has been discovered in Siberia.

There’s more info to be found here.
It may be… it’s probably… no wait, it’s definitely […]

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Final Fantasy XII Screenshots

Damn, I don’t hope Square Enix mess up this game. Like they did with Final Fantasy X-2 and apparantly also with Final Fantasy XI. Who wanted an online adventure anyway? But now they are truely back it seems judging from these brand new screenshots from the incredibly popular Japanese games magazine Famitsu.
1 , 2 […]


Flock Developer Preview 0.5 Pre-Release Review

First off I’m sorry about the title, but I think I got it all in there. Flock developer preview 0.5 pre-relea… yup it’s all there.
I have been using Flock as my primary web browser for a mere 48 hours and I have a hard time fathoming that anything that’s pre-beta can be this good. Some […]

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Just Like Revisiting An Old Friend

I just did something I haven’t done in a loooong time. I sat down and played a game. No, really I did;-). I always used to promise myself not to grow out of playing them when I was little. Hmm, maybe it has happened, or is slowly happening?  That would be a real […]

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Veronica Mars Theories

On Wednesday I received an e-mail from Kendra, a really good online buddy of mine who shared with me some interesting theories about Veronica Mars.
These are just theories but may turn out to be spoilers so if you don’t want to read on you have been warned.
I remember a few people pointing out that […]

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The Internet Movie Database

I’m actually a few days late with this, but I think IMDb deserves a shout out anyway.
          HAPPY 15th ANNIVERSARY!
15 years of submitting incredibly detailed info about almost any movie imaginable definitely deserves some attention.

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Flock Screenshots and Bugs

Here are some screenshots from Flock pre-release 0.5.
Blog editor
Flickr Topbar
If these pictures are going to be uploaded properly words cannot express my excitement!!
UPDATE: Whoops, my bad. I was just expecting a bit too much there I guess. It seems there isn’t a way to upload images to your blog, yet, through the blog editor […]

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