WordPress Invite

Anyone who wants an invite, just reply to this post telling me what you’re going to use the blog for. I’m just making sure that I don’t give it to someone who wouldn’t fully appreciate WordPress. Because it is very nice and I don’t want the invite to fall into the wrong hands. But I’m probably just going to give the invite to the first serious reply.



Hi there,
I’m hoping that what I have to say will convince you that I’m worthy of a wordpress invite but I guess in the end it’s really up to you to decide.
In the mean time, my blog will mostly have random ramblings, rants and what not (see my current blog on MSN Spaces) but I hope to eventually upload any graphics stuff I do or what have you. Could be a while I must admit, seeing as I know next to nothing about how to use Photoshop but I definetely intend to get there.
Truthfully I am a long term admirer of wordpress. It has soo much more to it than MSN Spaces (like categories!) and I want a permanent home for my blog and something at wordpress.com is ideal.
Oh and I would also endeavour to improve wordpress in anyway by making suggestions to developers when the need arises.



I forgot to say “Please?”


Sure, you get the invite. I couldn’t ask for a better candidate, because your request is so sincere and also helps that you asked so nicely;-)

Couldn’t find your e-mail address on your MSN spaces blog, so you’ll have to give it to me.


Oh great!!! Thanks heaps!!!!! Really appreciate it!!

My email is slychic4 at yahoo dot com


There! It’s send, so keep checking your inbox for your golden ticket.


Already got it and signing up right now :)

Thanks again (a million times)


Wow, that was fast!!
I would give you a hug but my bf would kill me ;p
Thanks heaps!
Dunno if you already have a web2messenger account but
I sent you an invite anyway to say thanks.

No problem, and thanks for inviting me to try out web2messenger. I’ll link to your site, hoping you might return the favour. Take care:-)


I’ve been having some issues with my current host and would like a reliable place to put my personal blog. So if invited - that’s what I would do.

Thanks, Chris


Sorry Chris, but Chi got my single invite. Unfortunately WP doesn’t hand them out in large numbers. When I get another invite I’ll post about it on the frontpage.


No worries, mate.


Can You Send Me a W2M invite?


Yeah sure. Just leave your e-mail address and I’ll invite you when I get home from school.


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