Evangelion Thinpak

This boxset MUST be mine! I have thought about buying the Neon Genesis Evangelion complete boxset for ages. Actually ever since I saw the first few episodes back in… uhm 2003 I think. But then the Evangelion Platinum DVDs came out and now a thinpak 6-disc edition is being released November 22 and for a […]

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I just started reading this very crazy manga called “Yotsuba&!”. It’s called that because every chapter is called something like “Yotsuba and Moving”, “Yotsuba and Saying Hello” or “Yotsuba and Global Warming” just to mention the first three chapters.
It’s about this girl, you guessed it, who’s called Yotsuba, but she’s no ordinary girl. She knows […]


I Hate Homework

I really do. I don’t dislike it… I HATE it with a passion! Today I have to write an entire English paper (ok, this is mostly my fault for not beginning sooner, but still), do some science assignments and also read 3 pages for Spanish and answer some questions. What have I done to deserve […]

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Get Flocked

Wow, I SOO want to get an invite to try out Flock; the new Firefox based so-called “social web browser”. I feel very good about getting a WordPress invite, but I don’t know… I guess us humans are greedy as hell and just want more and more and more…
I signed up at the official […]

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I Love TV

As of this writing there’s currently a cable guy here to get us back all the channels we used to have before we moved. Oddly I haven’t really missed them THAT much, but that may be because I only had to be without internet for 24 hours when we moved in, so when I got […]

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Hmm, Something’s Wrong

It seems like this blog won’t show up correctly in Internet Explorer. It’s as if there’s some big invicible post that can’t be viewed at all thus making it look like there’s nothing on the site at all. Just a lot of white useless space. That really really annoys me! Personally I always use Firefox […]

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Futurama Rules!

God, I love that show. Even own all four boxsets. In an IGN.com interview Billy West (voice of Fry) says that it’s been decided that they are going to make a movie. Sounds interesting, even though I had been much happier had they announced new seasons. But oh well, you can’t have everything in life, […]

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Buy It. Sell It. Love It.

I love eBay. I hate eBay. I just don’t know anymore. I love that there are almost nothing in the world that can’t be found on eBay, but that severely enhances the chances of me finding something I just need to own. Within the past two weeks I have spent £98.27 on eBay and £166.68 […]


WordPress Invite

Anyone who wants an invite, just reply to this post telling me what you’re going to use the blog for. I’m just making sure that I don’t give it to someone who wouldn’t fully appreciate WordPress. Because it is very nice and I don’t want the invite to fall into the wrong hands. But I’m […]


Katrina. Terrible but Beautiful.

A few days ago I received an interesting e-mail from an anime Yahoo! group and I just thought that I would share it with the world.
I Usually send anime pics but these 9 pictures of Hurricane Katrina are 2 amazing not to send!

I want to say “enjoy” but I’m not sure if that’s appropriate when […]


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