Happy New Year!

Yay, 2006 is drawing nearer and I’m going to a party in a few hours. Better go get myself ready. To end this year on a happy note here comes a comic strip I found on flickr today.

2006, here I come!

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Japan Is Superior!

When Dakota Fanning was in Japan promoting War of the Worlds, a lucky member of her fan club got to interview her. But that poor high school kid is so nervous that he does all kinds of strange things.
My favorite part is when he suddenly blurts out:
This is a pen!

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King Kong 2005

Went to see King Kong last night with my girlfriend, and all I can say is: IT ROCKED!
Clocking in at an monstrous 3 hours, I think keeping the audience entertained throughout the whole thing is an amazing feat accomplished by none other than Peter Jackson of course.
It was also a stroke of genious to […]

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Ok, it was pretty nice with all the food in the beginning, but PLEASE make it stop already!
The past three days I have eaten more than I’d normally would in an entire week!
… but somehow I simply can’t wait ’till next year to do the whole thing over again :-)

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Here Comes Santa Claus

I bet you’ve never seen Santa this way before!
But then again, he’s bound to be able to do some insane acrobatic things, if he’s gonna bring out all those presents in 1 day ;-)

(15.7 MB)

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Kingdom Hearts 2 Released In Japan

One of my most anticipated games right now (besides Final Fantasy XII, GTA4 and Metal Gear 4) is Kindom Hearts 2. Those lucky Japanese were able to buy the game already yesterday, while us Europeans have to wait a few more months.
There are rumors circulating that the highly respected Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has […]


Orange Days: The Magazine

To mark the end of the year 2005, I decided I’d create a magazine out of my blog, highlighting some of the events I have found most intriguing throughout the time I’ve been blogging (almost 3 months). But most of all, I just did it to have fun and have something new to mess […]

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Densha Otoko

YAY :-)
Today is the day the Christmas holidays start for me. I definitely feel the presen… I mean the joy of spending time with your family drawing nearer. :-P Well, it’s not really about the presents anymore, like it used to be when I was little, but they are… nice.

I also hope this is the […]


This Will Get You Into The Christmas Spirit 3

A third video has made its way on the ‘net! This time we get a more up-close view of what’s going on.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Devkit Demonstration

There’s not much to say about this demonstration other than I’m super-psyched about MGS4!
“The polygon amount for Snake’s mustache is same as one enemy soldier in MGS3… only in the mustache!”
Download Video (28 MB)

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